Friday, June 28, 2013

phani vissapragada: FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT..

phani vissapragada: FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT..:     The approximate time when our nation awoke to life and freedom ,The General lections happened in south African country which was colo...


    The approximate time when our nation awoke to life and freedom ,The General lections happened in south African country which was colonized by the Dutch and British for over a century before.The year was 1948, The Reunited National party under The leadership of a protestant Cleric Daniel Francois Milan, announced its policy of apartheid in the run upto the national elections and elected to power.This followed by the enactment of various legislations to segregate the natives and blacks of South America on the basis of race and skin color.                                                                                                         
           The state passed laws that segregate population as distinct classes calling natives, blacks, colored and Indian and are compelled to live in separate Locations defined by their race. They were subjected to humiliation and mental torture, not recognized as authentic citizens of South Africa under the APATHIED regime.
            At the same time, we enacted a constitution which abolished untouchability and echoed the spirit of universal brotherhood, equality both political and social, equity, universal adult franchise which no time delay without giving any preference to citizens based on their caste, race, religion, place of birth, dissent and property. These are quite contrast happenings took place here in our Motherland which imbibed the spirit of our first generation Leadership lead by sri  Mohandas Karam chand Gandhiji ,our beloved ‘Father of The Nation’.
             Forty years later another Leader emerged in the South Africa Peninsula, taking inspiration from the character, principles and personality of Mahatma to end the suffering of his brethren. It was never easy for him too , He served 27 years in prison, finally released in 1990 owing to International pressure .His campaign was also based on the gandian principles of Satyagraha, Truth and Non-violence. He eventually  became the president in 1994  and served upto 1997 with his Africa National Congress focused on dismantling the legacy of Apartheid through taking institutionalized measures to tackle racism ,poverty , inequality and fostering racial reconciliation. He received over 250 awards, including 1993 Noble peace prize and is regarded as the symbol of freedom, universal brotherhood and rights based political protests. He is often referred to by his Xhosa clan name of Madiba. Yes, he is none other than Mr. Nelson Mandela.
           26 June, the date on which the democratic principles Mahatma stood for were put to test by srimathi Indira Gandhi through clamping an internal emergency in the year 1975. It’s a real coincidence that on the same date, news that Mr. Nelson Mandela who has been suffering from some ailments due to his old age and is undergoing treatment is no more is really heart breaking one for so many of his fans and followers worldwide. Though my mind says the body is impermanent and death is inevitable but my heart is not ready yet to   take the truth if it is so and I require some more time to adjust to the fact that the man who showed Light to a nation, who fought with oppression and suppression, who stood for Human rights, who epitomized Freedom and fighting against segregation and prejudice should be highest human Endeavour is no more in his body. But I hope this news is false and God should bless him with some more years of life and energy.
              Kudos Mr. NELSON MANDELA.