Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking News.....

As a recent survey says ,Twenty first century tools for increasing inattention and hyper activeness in children in affluent western societies like that of north america are watching television in higher dosage.Though the case is a bit better in India but we too are not far away from the truth.The elders are also not a viable exception from this
because when we watch television most of the times we look without seeing and hear without listening.

Although different types of material is available in the form of an idiot box , nothing is more harmful than an untruthful 24*7 news channels which are operating at the fear of the remote controls in the hands of the audience.

There is a sense of bewildering maze about defining and measuring " NEWS " as it is also not an exception in the changing arena of the face of business.In olden times , when the revenues were not pouring into the news channels in the form of advertisements and when news shown for only a predefined time period they were seem to be concerned with the amount of truthfulness and honesty of news they were showing instead of making it into a commercially viable entertaining material.But when the businesses starts expanding and the add industry realized that all these people glue to the television are potential customers then things start changing .Sooner , the 24*7 news channels started with so much promise to these potential clients who are the major contributers to their business.

As the news industry started showing the signs of a good business venture , some big heads , politicians with a duel purpose of getting money and promoting their ideology (if they have one) , industrialists , News paper media barons started thgeir own channels which are intended to show " NEWS " continuously.With the TRP ratings , news industry has also became a competition ground where people fought for winning the audience minds than winning the battle with true spirit.

Our mind recognizes the oddity in the lump of thousand things.It wants anything which does not make it think a lot , it wants simply the entertainment and not the truth.Some news channels seem to be working on it .

very spicy programmes which are well edited to create the desired effect which they want to create with a stunning background score are telecasted with aknack of attracting the audience attention. When they fear of the changing of their channel from the remote they say "YOU ARE GOING SEE A BREAKING NEWS , SO PLEASE STAY TUNED ".The hottest news is changing every day and no topic lies in the media for discussion for more than a week.When the situation comes they conduct discussions , debates , polls and when they get another masala news they simply ignore the previous one .We dont know what has happened to sasi tharoor controversy , what obama is doing now as all the news channels across the world had delineated him as a saviour of the world at the time of america elections .So literally there is no follow-up.In between they fill the screen with the information of celebrity marriages and gossips in exorbitant amounts.

Media is a very powerful weapon.For the restoration of democracy and its survival media is the most important thing.Thats why it is referred as a fourth estate.But an industry which is supposedly a news showing one is making news and how can a a common man can distinguish between the original one and the other.

One can imagine the amount of frustration felt by an idealist democrat like jayaprakash narayan of loksatta when he said all the tv channels must be shut down for atleast a week for what they were all showing in excess of what should be dealt in case of TRS leadind the separate state agitation in andhra pradesh.

At the same time exercising restrictions on the media (like in israel) is not an intelligent option as it affects it's functionality ;But i feel there must be a cap on the amount of paid up news taken by a particular news media enterprise , they must not be allowed to show things without a substantiate evidence supporting them , let us hope for a change in the mind sets of the media barons and let them compete for showing the truth first not the news.......

Friday, July 9, 2010

why to blog ?

hi everyone ,

Ever since the dawn of civilization human species are trying to change the shape of the world and the very place we are gifted with. We have learned so many things from the discovery of fire to landing on the moon and still exploring the new horizons.We invented the wheel , print , television , medicine , and internet which has made our world into a small tiny village . Now we are in an information era , anybody can access any thing from any corner of the world at any time .By sitting in our home we could be able to know what is happening in Africa , why america is going for a war , what are the causes of oil spill in the gulf of mexico etc.The advent of this information revolution asking new skills , aspirations , invoking new desires and has changed the information sharing landscape.

Though The word blog came to my notice very early but it did not attracted me much until i read in a news paper about the blog of director ram gopal varma . As a fan of his personality more than his films it hit me like a thunderbolt , so for the first time i started following a persons blog.How much i liked it is a question but as the days pass by the idea that " i too have so many things to share " has intensified and finally made me to land here.

why to blog ? A thing is perceived differently by different people depending on
their sensibilities , emotions , sensitivities , life experiences , carry overs , memories and the imagination thus formed.We are all looking at the things not the way they are but the way we are..there are filters in between us and the world through which we are perceiving the information available to us by different means. in other words everybody of us are independent "worlds " by ourselves and all the interactions , sharing of feelings , conversations with others and the outer world are like visiting the other worlds which we may support or ridicule or make fun of or sympathize or show anger etc depending on our mood and intelligence levels.So i mean to say "You are the world and the world is you ".

When i understood that my world is different from your world then i thought its worth sharing .This sharing will explore the unexplored in me and my reader.So with all said my blog will present and represent i , me , myself and its "MY WORLD "..