Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Every day we born anew..

                                                      Every day we born anew..
We are nothing but a bundle of thoughts we gathered from various sources right from our child hood. Unless we achieve a state where the knowledge can be perceived with out the help of five sensory inputs it is the thinking that can only make us feel alive. Be it the information gathered from the world around us , books we read , people we met ,the past conditioning , our imaginative genius etc are all coming out of the same lump of flesh situated in between our ears that can be probably held in our Palm. That is the manufacturer of our thoughts,controller of lives , manager of our feelings ,and that is MIND.
 if we extend this argument a bit  ,we are alive as long as we can think and more over all those people who are in my thoughts at present are only alive for me and no other  persons presence has no practical significance to me as they are absent in my feelings at this point. So every day when we sleep , we die and we wake up each morning , open our eyes , the moment the thought kicks In , we are born again and the world appears again.
The period of night , when we all fell asleep (except some unlucky souls like me who should do night shifts twice a week) , we are practically dead. While sleeping there may occur dreams, some good ones and some other nightmarish . But they are definitely not in our control and most of the times the dreams are so hazy that one hardly remembers them . This is an area of mind yet to be understood fully and the discussion on dreams is a different ball game beyond the point of this article.
Sir Arthur Schopenhauer in his book "" the world as will and idea " opines that since a man has no free will when he sleeps he is dead and every sun rise wakes him up as a new man. If we extend the argument - I have no way of knowing whether you exist or not except through my thoughts and feelings. Same is the case with everybody. Everybody for certain knows that they exist but have no way of knowing whether the world exists or not.
So , past is a history, future is a mystery and the present , today , this very second is a great opportunity to think , to act, to perceive and to create. A conscious life lived up to its full potential starts from now and has the capacity to liberate the individual from the clutches of sorrow and suffering as it is unbound by anytime.
So , guys, one should wake up from the dogmatic slumber , get up from the bed of ignorance , stand up on the two legs of hope and opportunity to make this day special one, in fact every day into a celebration of life. Tomorrow is very important for us as our lives will be lived there in future , past is precious to us as we left our foot prints for the generations to come . And since today is tomorrow's yesterday and yesterday's tomorrow , we have to live every moment of now consciously with a purpose that will make us special , powerful and the end once we look at ourselves what is so great about us to feel the ego , we are even smaller than the speck of dust in cosmos..isn't it??..