Sunday, May 17, 2015

First year of Modi’s Era

Exactly a year before, on the same date, our nation was on a big celebration. For the first time after a long time, a single party won the absolute majority of seats in general elections defying the predictions of people who call themselves great psephologists. The coalition era ended and a new chapter in the history of modern India started. There is no doubt that this was possible only because of one and only MR.MODI. His electrifying campaign at the back drop of such dismal performance of the previous 10 years of UPA rule raised enormous hopes among the common people, middle class, upper class, and the intelligentsia that most of the Indians wanted a change in the old guard. I too was one among them. One among those who were fearful about the future of India in the hands of such incompetent RAGA, the continuation of dynastic politics and the poor governance. I have written an article at that time about the necessity of a person like MODI as PM for India. Now after one year, I must say, I am more than happy about the performance of the present MODI government. The time when the Budhu RAGA is on some sort of a nationwide tour after a 58 day long sabbatical, I thought I have a moral responsibility to analyze the first year of NAMO whom I supported and come out with some facts.

What modi Government did in this one year:

  • 1.       Dismantling the socialist era planning commission and forming a more representative NITI AYOG in its place with new rigor and vigor. This body will not only look at the long term economic policy like PC but also deliberates on long term socio economic , defense , security and other issues that can transform India.
  • .2       Accepting the 14 finance commission recommendations in Toto, there by Devolving 42% of the total central pool of taxes to states -a whopping 10 % increase at one stroke . This is the dawn of new era of “cooperative and competitive federalism. A real game changing decision which empowers the states to devise their own policies to achieve the nationally set goals. A review at the number of centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) so as to improve the productivity, accountability and the results at the ground level.
  • 3.       A change from the “one size fits all “to “empowerment of states “that is a truly remarkable change that has the potential to change the future course of centre-state interactions.
  • 4.       Auctioning of the coal blocks, a whopping 2lack crores to the exchequer, nobody could have dreamt of that figure except the CAG during the corrupt UPA regimes.
  • 5.       Passing of the coal act, mines and minerals act that will have the provisions to share the auction money with states from which the ores are originating, again a move aimed at strengthening the state finances.
  • 6.       For the first time the international rating agencies have improved India’s growth projections due to the steps taken to reign in fiscal deficit , current account deficit and to spur growth. The IMF is calling India “the bright spot in Asia “- that tells the scenario.
  • 7.       Passing of amendments to juvenile justice act so as to treat the juveniles between 16-18 years committing heinous crimes as adults.
  • 8.       Passing of the GST bill in the lok Sabah, the biggest financial reform proposal in the post independent India that upon becoming an act can add 2% GDP.
  • 9.       All the above achievements in addition to excellent foreign policy initiatives .the look east has now become “the act east “with more focused approach toward our ASEAN neighbors.
  • 10.   Worldwide tours to rope in investments from Japan, china, Australia, Canada.
  • 11.   Excellent reception to the USA president obama and clearing the hurdles for the operationalisation of “123 agreement “ with an ambitious target of achieving 100GW through non fossil fuel based sources. A very important step to achieve energy security.
  • 12.   PM jan dhan yojana – a highly successful financial inclusion scheme which opened nearly 10 cr bank accounts to the hitherto uncovered population , the number which the previous governments could not able to achieve in 5 years was done in 10 months.
  • 13.   Making the cleanliness the central point of the debate by announcing “ the swatch bharath abhiyan “ from the red fort. Providing house hold and community toilets is the first priority of this scheme which can have a major impact on the health indicators of the country.
  • 14.   “Make in India “initiative to convert India into a major manufacturing hub so as to create the all important jobs to our youth, an essential step to cash in India’s demographic dividend otherwise could become our demographic nightmare.
  • 15.   “Digital India” program to connect India , “namami gange “ –to clean up our national river and an outlay of 20000 cr for the five years ,a fourfold increase in the total amount  spend on ganga cleanup under successive governments in the last 30 years with no avail.
  • 16.   “The smart city project” aimed at creating the future cities to necessarily prepare the urban India which is going to have 80cr population by 2050 .
  • 17.    Establishing the SIT immediately after coming to power containing members with impeccable integrity to track the black money stashed abroad. Passing a very strong black money undisclosed foreign income and assets) act that will have tough provisions for confiscating the illegitimate and unaccounted money stashed away by the Indian citizens abroad.
  • 18.    A new bill to curb the black money generation inside the country by tightening the screws on “binami transactions “ is due to come very soon.
  • 19.   Passing of the LBA with the Bangladesh –that will solve the 40 year old humanitarian problem existing on both the sides of the border.
  • 20.   Successful evacuation of Indian citizens and others from the war hit Yemen and the phenomenal help extended to earth quake hit “Nepal “. Immediate decision making during Jammu Kashmir floods to release 1000cr as disaster relief and timely help to AP during HUD HUD cyclone.
  • 21.    Implementation of biometric attendance punching system to the central secretariat staff to enhance accountability – might have back fired in losing the Delhi polls, nevertheless improved the decision making -an important pre requisite to achieve the goal of enhancing the ease of doing business in India.
  • 22.   Making June 21 , the international “yoga day “. Getting the Indian brand value to yoga which had its origins in India but has been very popular in the west and china.
  • 23.   Recently announced social security schemes like PM jan suraksha yojana ( a life insurance coverage of 5 lacks at a premium of 336rs per year) ,PM accident insurance scheme( 2lack insurance at a premium of just 12rs per year )  , ATAL pension yojana for senior citizens , sukanya samrudhi yojana for the girl child as part of “beti bachao , beti padao “ scheme.
  • 24. Utmost importance to citizen participation in governance through a real time online participation and suggestion posting portal www. . any body can participate in discussions in areas of his/her liking.

These are some of the achievements immediately coming to my mind. In addition to them, the positive image that MODI created for India worldwide, the image makeover he single handedly pioneered was amazing. After he became PM, a strange sense of national feeling that “I must feel proud to be an INDIAN “ is palpable and is yet to find expression in the hearts and minds of many youth. His pitch for development –“sab ka saath –sab ka vikas “ was a welcome change and his time and again utterances of “INDIA FIRST “ should over shadow the irresponsible statements of some of his MP’s like sakshi maharaj – some blown out of proportion by the irresponsible , TRP savvy , opposition backed media.
Yes there are some unresolved problems and honest criticism .Delay in granting Special category status to AP (requires elaborate discussion –write a piece on this soon),Delay in decision making in appointing the CVC,CIC,lokpal , apprehensions on the amendments to land acquisition act (which I think are very essential in improving the business environment and getting the much needed 1 trillion dollar infrastructure financing -again requires a deep study) ,etc.
Nobody is perfect but it is the idea of attaining perfection, striving for continuous improvement, heart full of passion, mind full of hope, belly full of dreams and each word echoing the honesty of patriotism and every second dedicated to the 120 cr peoples progress and the above achievements I discussed will far outweigh the yet to be done things in this one year and I hope the stable government will resolve the issues sooner than later.
My friends , our beloved PM MODI is doing everything that is necessary and imperative for the future of India , in this journey there may have been some tough decisions in which we must be with him as the age old saying goes “no pain no gain “. But sincere request to you is not to believe the lies being spread in media as the government is being anti poor, anti farmer as what these budhus have done for the poor , minorities , the farmers is not empowerment but making them beggars and they  have always looked at them as vote banks.
I think, in the success of PM MODI, lies India's success. In his vision, lies India's march .His failing is the greatest tragedy that can happen to Indian sub continent .I have put the title of this piece as modis era as I truly believe that his was the most original thought for the betterment of India after mr.Nehru .I pray the nature to give him good health and you to give him at least 20 years to reshape the India and make it again the “vishwa guru “. the solution to worlds problems lie In India’s leadership, in our  success lies the world success as we are the only culture on this planet that truly believed and honestly lived on the principle of “vasudhaika kutumbakam “….

Thank you.